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There are places in this world where the otherworldly inhabitants are more abundant than others.

Erosity is one of them.

Welcome to a city, where sensuality meets the dark side of the paranormal, allowing the reader to slip into the world of vampires, witches, shifters, angels and demons. Leave your realm, and enter the underbelly of the farthest reaches of society; where not seen, heard or remembered takes on a whole new meaning.

See their real adventures, wherever they may take them.

Tales of Erosity will vary in heat ratings; anywhere from sweet to erotic, but will be given a rating with each posting. Follow the Tales of Erosity, to keep up on the latest drama or sexcapades that the otherworldly beings pursue.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Triple Trouble, Chapter Three (Rated X)

Blackness enveloped Kaydence, the room began to spin and before she knew up from down there was nothing but the void and solitary bliss of her subconscious. The last face she saw was Kaya's hovering above her, her expression worried, her lips moving but the sound of her words somehow became lost as they entered Kaydence's ears after her friend requested the help of an unknown figure to get her limp figure home. Peace had found her psyche just as her emotions and mind waged war on each other. The calm before the storm

The aroma of salty sea air blended with an earthy masculine musk aroused Kaydence from her oblivion. With her eyes still closed, she inhaled deeply, her cheeks rounded and tugged her lips into a soft smile. Her breast rose as her lungs filled and as she exhaled, her movement was matched by a firm, distinctly male, body. His weight shifted above her as his lips fell on hers in a tender kiss. Instinctively her hand rose to cup the cheek of the face so close to hers and she found that even before opening her eyes, her touch already knew the curve of his cheekbones, the arch of his brow, the line of his chin. As her mind pieced together the puzzle of his identity, a hand roamed her body, tracing her curves. Over her full hips, across the dip of her belly until finally stopping at her very full breast and cupped it in a firm grip. His thumb toyed with the taught nipple, flicking over it at the very same pace in which his tongue now flicked her ear lobe. Two thoughts crossed her mind in that moment; the first, how in the hell had she become naked, and the second, thank the gods that she was. A sigh escaped her lips and his fingers responded by giving her hard nub a gentle pinch before the kneading the breast in his grasp. Her hips involuntarily rose to meet his and she felt the firmness of his cock against her mound. So much wishing to continue this beautiful dream, her eyes remained closed as her hands roamed her lover's back under the soft cotton of he tee shirt, all the way down to his perfectly round ass and around between their bodies where she rubbed his dick, back and forth while he ground into palm through the denim of his jeans. . Kisses continued to be shared between them, their breathing fell into rhythm with each others as the the rubbing and pumping and sighs increased in intensity. A deep ache for him to be inside her shot from her abdomen to her pussy and she could feel the moisture of her want between her legs dampen the very top of her inner thighs.

You want this, don't you, Kaydence?” A voice that sounded strangely familiar yet unnaturally like the gentle babbling of a brook invaded her ears and consumed her mind.

Mm-mm hmm-mm,” was all she could manage before she took his lower lip between her teeth

and gave it a slight soft bite to stop him from saying anything more. His hand left her breast an

d wandered to her sweet core. He stroked the soft skin of her lips, then found his way between

them to the treasure chest and the precious gem buried there. Slowly, at first, his fingertip

passed over it, gently circling, flicking, and passing back and forth. Her soft moans became needy

pleads for him to continue this torturous tease but he refrained and plunged two fingers deep

inside her cove, over and over again he continued to finger fuck her until tears streamed down

her face because her need for release was so great.

Please, please...I want to come... I need you,” she cried out for him when his hand left her body to release himself from the constraints of his clothing. Her own hands roamed her body in his absence. One hand rubbing to release the ache in her breast and the other stroking her throbbing clit, refusing to come down from the plateau he had brought her to. His hands found her hips and he swiftly flipped her so that she she lay face down against the soft surface she had been laying. His bare chest rested upon her back as he took both of her wrists into his grip above her head and held her there. His other hand lifted her up onto her knees, to his advantage he was much taller than her and the restraint he held on on her arms was not compromised as he entered her from behind. He filled her completely and perfectly as if their bodies were molded for one another's pleasure. There was nothing gentle about the way he drilled into her, the slap of their bodies echoing in her mind like thunder. A low growl rose from his chest and his pace quickened. She felt him swell inside her as he came closer to his own release and each time he entered her the tip of his cock hit her at her most sensitive spot. They had stepped, together, outside time and space as their bodies melted into each other. He released her hands and grabbed her waste as she lifted her torso off of the bed and braced herself on her arms. Her pelvis tilted, her back arched, her thighs quivered while he roared her name. Her pussy contracted around his member and her body shook as she could no longer hold back her release. A sting came across her ass, hard and swift, in the distinctive shape of a hand and she cried out with pain, pleasure, surprise, and wonder. Her head jerked back as a fingers tangled in her unruly wavy red hair and pulled with force. He spilled inside of her, calling her name with each thrust, their fluids mixed and flooded from her cavity, over his shaft, and down her thighs. Cries softened to pants that died into heady breaths.

Kisses trailed across her cheek, his breath warm against her ear as he spoke, “Krystal is at the right hand of the queen of the dark realm. Stop fighting us and you could join her and wield the power that comes from serving at the side of the leader of legions. Finally your power could become more than the elementary spells cast by a mortal playing with a wand, but sorcery used to control the very course of history. You have abilities and talents far beyond what even you recognize. Help us raise the Lilium and your efforts will be rewarded as your power is multiplied, and multitudes of Underworld soldiers bow to honor you as their redeemer.” The words trickled over her mind bringing visions of exotic waterfalls before her eyes. Again, her spirit recognized the owner of the voice but no form materialized behind her lids. A mist sprayed over her and beaded upon her skin. The masculine weight lifted from her leaving nothing more than a clean oceanic scent in it's wake.

When calm and silence once again claimed the darkness, finally Kaydence opened her eyes to look upon the face that had brought her both ecstasy and revelation. To her surprise she lay alone, in her own bed. Her own hand was cupping her swollen vagina, her fingers wet with her dew. Disappointment swept over her, her heart reached out for a being that was no longer there, and may never have been. It had been too real to have only been a dream, and down to her soul, Kaydence knew of only one creature that she longed for so completely.

I will join you, Nicor, if you will allow me to be forever be by your side,” Kaydence whispered into the chill of her empty room.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fallen Angel--Installment Three--Original Sin (X-rated, sexual content)

He pushed himself inside me and I drew a sharp breath. My hands roamed over his bare back and I crushed my breasts against his upper torso. I couldn't get enough of him.

The night had gone by in a blur. How had we lost control? The horror at the motel and the subsequent explosion...no. I jerked myself to the present. The gorgeous man between my legs, filling me. And his scent filled my nostrils, like a hot ocean breeze or the warm smell of passing a bakery on the city street. His skin, with its fine sheen of persperation, seared mine as his sculpted body bore down on mine. Everything about him spoke of heat, even the bourbon on his breath.

"Xavier," I murmured against his full lips.

"Yeah, babe? You feel okay?" His voice trembled.

"Oh yeah."

One massive hand snaked beneath my neck and his mouth brushed against mine. I felt like he was holding back and I didn't want him to. Flipping him onto his back, I straddled him without breaking the free of the kiss. My tongue plunged into his mouth and I sucked at his bottom lip. A low growl rumbled in his throat.

As the kiss ended, I sat back, taking all of his shaft inside me. I planted my hands on his broad chest and used them as leverage. His pelvis pressed upward to meet my thrusting. His thumb toyed with my clit as I rode him. Again, I called out his name, but this time he responded only by capturing one breast in his mouth. Pleasurable tension built in my abdomen and my fingernails dug into his skin. He didn't complain.

Sweat dripped from my hairline, down my back. I was tired, but I wouldn't stop, no matter how badly my legs burned from the effort. He had me too close to coming to let it slip away. I tightened my grip on him with my thighs. My breathing picked up speed and the tension inside me grew unbearable. A few more swipes with his thumb and I cried out--just nonsense really--as a powerful orgasm shook me. My body froze, wracked with tremors. I breathed through the height of the climax and slid slowly down the other side.

Exhausted, I collapsed against him, but he wasn't finished yet. With the same delicate touch he'd used earlier, he rolled me beneath him, his body flush against mine. His tongue ran over my neck and he nibbled at my throat. Capturing my mouth, he moved within me again. I closed my eyes and spread my legs wider to take in more of his shaft. His movements grew less fluid and he thrust with more and more force. Suddenly, he buried himself inside me. He groaned and arched his back, eyes turned toward the ceiling. Rapid-fire gasps for air shook his chest. I wrapped my arms around him.

His head came to rest in the crook of my neck. I ran my fingers through his damp curls. In the distance, sirens continued to wail. The world could come to an end for all I cared at the moment. Neither of us spoke a word.

We didn't have to.

We both knew what this was--a moment born of the need to connect with another--even if his tenderness made it feel like it meant more.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Fallen Angel--Installment Two--Sins of the Past

R-rated--language, violent content.

Two years earlier...

The moist night air seemed to settle on my skin leaving a sticky feeling over my entire body. After wiping my brow, I cranked up the AC in my Karmann Ghia. The weather had been unusually hot for this time of year and I wanted nothing more than relax poolside at my apartment complex. But I was working a case for a wealthy client. His wife had disappeared with the kid and four million of his money. Mr. Rinaldo hired me to track down the Mrs. and get back his child and his money and not necessarily in that order. My trip to the pool would have to wait. The trail Vera Rinaldo had left led to a sleepy motel on the edge of town.

As soon as I pulled into the parking lot, I knew something was hinky. First of all, there were no lights on anywhere--not in any guest rooms, not in the front lobby. Even the street sign sat dark. Though my Spidey sense tingled like mad, I climbed out of the car and edged toward the front office, keeping my right hand on my thirty-eight. Just in case.

A rank odor hit me, unlike anything I'd ever smelled. My gag reflex threatened to bring up the remnants of my dinner. Clamping my free hand over my nose, I pressed forward. The door to the office hung ajar.

"Hello?" I called out. No one answered.

I crept inside and kept my back to the wall. Holding my breath I felt to the side of the door jamb and finally found a light switch. The fluorescent bulbs flickered and buzzed, but eventually a dim glow filled the space around me. What I saw sent me reeling backward, through the doorway and into the vacant parking lot where I wretched up the pasta I'd had for dinner.

The walls appeared to have been painted in blood and chunks of flesh and bone had exploded into stucco patterns across them. Who--or what--the fuck had done this?

Fishing my cell phone from my pocket, my fingers fumbled with the buttons, but I managed to dial 911. Words to describe the nature of my emergency failed me.

"It's a blood bath," I told the dispatcher. "A fucking blood bath."

She'd just instructed me to stay on the line when a pair of large hands grabbed me from behind. A scream formed in my throat, but those massive hands muffled it.

"Shh," a low male voice instructed. "I'm not going to hurt you, but you can't stay here. It's not safe."

I threw my head back, hoping to crack my assailant in the nose, but only caught the edge of his collarbone. How tall was this guy?

"Listen, stop struggling. I'm not going to hurt you, I promise," he said, jerking me along toward a black Cadillac Escalade.

Oh hell no. No way I was going out like this. Biting, clawing, and kicking, I fought each step of the journey to the vehicle. If I could break free or at least delay the bastard for a few minutes, Erosity PD would be here. But he proved stronger than any person I've ever fought before. He shoved me into the back of the SUV and slammed the door shut. I tugged at the handle to no avail. My last hope, I yanked my thirty-eight and aimed it at the driver's side door. As soon as he opened it to get in, I squeezed the trigger.

"Damn it, lady," he swore, "I'm trying to save your life."

I'd missed? How the hell had I missed at this close range? Firing off two more shots, I knew one would have to put him down, disable him at the least. But his large frame hopped into the seat, pulling the door shut. He cranked the engine and then reached around to disarm me.

Tossing the gun onto the front floorboard, he tore out of the parking lot. I kicked at the back of his seat and screamed for help, but somehow he managed to keep driving. About a half mile down the road, he pulled over in a diner parking lot.

"This is where you get out." He rubbed his head where I'd landed a kick and climbed out of the SUV.

He didn't have to tell me twice. I jerked the handle on the back door and tripped out onto the pavement. A boom deafened me; it'd come from the direction of the motel. A tower of flame shot into the air and then dissipated with a crackling hiss. Sirens wailed from all directions.

"Did--did you do that?" I asked, my voice trembling. Searching his dark expression, I knew already he hadn't.

"No," he shook his head, waves of black hair fell into his eyes. "And no need to thank me for saving your life."

"Th-thanks." I wiped my hands on my torn skirt. "My name's Ruby."

"I'm Xavier." He nodded. "Nice to meet you."

"Yeah. Likewise." I turned my gaze back to the billows of smoke that blotted out the streetlights. What the hell was going on here?

"You want to get a cup of coffee, Ruby?" Xavier jerked his head toward the dinner.

"No," I replied and pointed to the bar across the street. A stiff drink seemed in order.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Triple Trouble, Chapter Two (rated PG-13)

The wind howled just outside the damp cavern. The the quartz that had formed inside the mossy damp walls sparkled as the moonlight danced off of them. Waves crashed against the jagged rocks just feet from the entrance of the cave and the occasional spray of ocean water dampened the demons as they spoke.

“Damn the witches!” Leonard spoke as he twisted into his hideous demon form.

“Straight to Hell.” Nicor smiled, thoughts of the voluptuous Kaydence obviously passing through his mind and straight to his groin. He remained in his human form, more comfortable in the soft flesh than the tiny scales he was born in.

“We've no time to entertain your desires to play with the mortal, Nicor. Samhain is nine days away, the Queen will be throned, and we must have the gates all open.” Focolar remained focused on the mist coming into the cove. “If we do not convince the witches to lend us their talents in time, we risk failing to raise the Lilium.”

In an instant, Nicor appeared in front of Focolar, inches from his face, “Do not talk to me as if I am your inferior, brother, you may question my methods but I assure you, the water witch will be the key.”

“No, you mean she is the hole you want to stick your key into,” Leonard chuckled in the background, “I see nothing special about her. So she can control water just as the both of you, she is still only a mortal witch, her powers are nothing but elementary tricks.”

“You are wrong on many levels, Leo. There is more to her than even we know. The fates showed her alongside the Lilium, neither she nor her sisters are bowing in the vision, there is something about her that the fates realize and we do not.” Nicor shifted his eyes to the back of the cave where Leonard crouched, blanketed in the darkness of the hollow.

“No, there is more to the vision that the fates know and we do not. Do not misread their gift, Nicor. You are being ignorant and near sighted, seeing what you want to see. Allowing your attraction to the woman to direct you. It's actions like yours that have lead us to this quest to begin with, or do you not remember our damnation?” Focalor's voice was low and stern. Pent up bitterness seeping from his words as puss from an infected wound.

“T'was not my transgression that closed the portals, you would be wise to watch your tone. Brother or not, I can certainly lead you to your end.” The tension in the cavern was palpable, both Nicor and Focalor's chests raised in anger and their fists were clenched tightly at their sides. Neither man shrunk in the shadow of the other.

Leonard spoke, his voice piercing the shroud of hatred hanging in the air. “I will not choose sides as we each were chosen by the High One for this mission. Together we will work or united we will fail. We each have our titles and legions to reclaim should we succeed. Then your feud can resume. For now, Nicor, you have two days to claim your witch, prove her importance, and only then will we join you in seducing her to the dark.”
“And what if he fails? AGAIN?” Focalor hissed through gritted teeth.

“Then we kill the witches, all three, to keep them from interfering any further in raising the Lilium and opening the portals.” Nicor dropped his gaze from the other demons as he spoke, his toned softened.

“Can we agree?” Leonard's eyes shifted between the brothers.


The noise of the bar was a welcome reprieve from the thoughts that had been swirling in Kaydence's mind since leaving the cemetery. Her head was heavy in her hands as she buried her face in her palms. The three vodka tonics she had downed in the short half hour since she, Kaya and Krystal arrived had done nothing to soothe the ache she felt in her heart since Nicor vanished.

“Krystal stepped outside with Liwet, she wanted me to tell you to be at her place at noon tomorrow and not a minute later.” Kaya took the stool beside Kaydence running her fingers through the length of her golden hair, magically drying it with each pass. She twisted the long tresses into a sloppy bun and secured it with the hair tie wrapped around her wrist. she reached over to her friend and placed her forefinger and thumb just under Kaydence's chin lifting her face so their eyes locked. “Its not like you to be so solemn, what has pulled you inside out?”

“We don't even know what we are fighting for, Kay. That is what bothers me the most.” Her voice lowered as she noticed side-way glances from the bar patrons at each side of them. “All the fates eye revealed was the mausoleum, the Lilium raised and us at their side. How do we know that that Nicor, Focalor, and Leanoard are not going to be instrumental in our future?”

“They are demons, Kay, you know they are up to no good. Listen, I'm not saying we are angels, but they are up to something and you can bet its evil. Something just isn't right lately, I can feel it everywhere I go. The wind moans as she brushes through Erosity, she feels it too. You can't trust them.”

“Not all demons are bad, Kaya. How many have we met here that are good? I just don't think we should discount them as part of our fate, that's all. Maybe that's why we keep feeling interrupted. Its not they who are getting in the way of our plans, it is we who are getting in the way of the Fate's plan.” Kaydence moved a finger just above the short glass sitting in front of her, swirling the liquid inside. Kaya's phone rang and Kaydence returned her eyes to the drink in front of her and lost her gaze in the whirlpool of vodka tonic she created. Kaya's voice echoed in Kaydence's ears, worried questions projected to the phone but Kaydence's stare never left her beverage.

“No...but...are you sure? I don't think it's a good idea...We should come too...No, I don't like the idea at all...Fine...Be safe, call us if you need us...Be careful. Love you” Kaya pressed the red button on the screen of her phone, looked straight ahead of her as if in shock. “Krystal is going to hell.”

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fallen Angel--Installment One--Ruby Red

Installment One--Ruby Red
rated PG-13

To paraphrase that old TV show, there a million stories in this naked city--and it is a naked city in every sense of the term. Love and sex and magic run rampant here, but I tried not to get swept up in the fervor of it. I played my cards close to my chest and kept my hands to myself. For the most part. That was until he fell into my lap. Literally.

My name's Ruby, Ruby Calypso, and I'm a private detective. My daddy was a private detective and his daddy before him. You could say I inherited the family business. I should've been born a boy--at least Dad seemed to think so--but since there was no stem on my apple, what are you gonna do? So, I played baseball with the neighborhood boys, started smoking cigars at twelve and learne how to throw a proper body check. Drop your shoulder and explode into him, that's the key to a good body check. These days, though, I don't engage in much hand-to-hand combat. Now, I carry a Sig Sauer .380, licensed of course. What it can't stop, I don't need to catch.

Anyway, I was telling you about the angel. Yeah, that's what I said. The angel. Strangest case I ever came across, and that's saying a lot in this town. It was about eleven-thirty that night. I should've gone home, but I didn't feel much like watching the boob tube with Mr. Jingles. My cat. At the time, Mr. Jingles was the only man in my life. A lamentable fact to say the least. I was itching for some action and decided to stop by the Red Light. The place was a dive, but it was a great place to get quietly drunk and pick up a boy toy for the evening.

I walked into the joint and flipped a wave to Petey, the bartender. He set me up with my usual Bombay Sapphire on the rocks with a twist. No olives, please. I slid a hundred across the bar and told him to keep 'em coming.

"That kinda night?" asked Petey.

"It's always that kind of night." I cracked a smile and walked to my favorite booth. Okay, so I hung out here a lot. Petey was always good and if worse came to worse, I could take him home for some entertainment. Granted, he wasn't as young as he used be--chin a little softer, abs not quite so delineated, but you could still see the ball player he used to be. And he could go all night. An admirable quality indeed.

Just as I settled in with my drink, the angel walked into the place. Of course, I didn't know at the time what he was, but he was tall and impeccably dressed; he drew my attention effortlessly. A black overcoat hung from his broad shoulders which I thought was odd because it was too hot for a coat like that. But I dismissed the funny feeling. In my line of work, paranoia is an occupational hazard. That night, I didn't want to overanalyze this gorgeous man. Instead, I opted to lose myself in his gray-green eyes, taut dusky skin and thousand-watt smile. And he was smiling at me. I returned the grin and dropped my gaze. But his eyes stayed on me. I could feel them peering beneath my clothes, the palpable heat of his gaze setting me afire.

I called over Dee Dee, the waitress, and told her to put Mr. Tall-Dark-And-Handsome's drink on my tab. She clattered over to him and whispered in his ear. He looked my way again and lifted his glass to me. I gave a shrug and pursed my lips.

We played the game for a couple more hours, flirting across the crowded room. He seemed to be waiting for someone. I know the signs all too well. Checking his watch every few minutes, sweeping the sea of faces with an expectant expression. But his eyes always came back to me. Enough was enough. One of us had to make a move and I'd run out of patience.

Picking up my drink, I sauntered over to his place at the bar.

"Hey," I said to a man and his date who shared a stool next to my quary. "I just left that booth over there. Why don't you two take it?"

They thanked me and hurried away. I slipped onto the stool and faced the beautiful man next to me. I asked, "Were you ever going to come over and talk to me?"

He smiled and checked his watch. "Of course I was. Just have some business to attend to before I can play.

I ran a finger along his jawline "But when you're free, you'd like to play with me?"

A sharp inhalation and a raise of his eyebrows told me all I needed to know. Tossing down the last of my fifth--or was it sixth?--drink, I handed him my business card. Meet me here when you're done.

He assured me he would and I waved goodbye.

The trip to my office a couple blocks away took about ten minutes. Could've been less if the sidewalk hadn't been swimming in front of me. Once I'd closed and locked the door, I kicked off my heels and stripped off my skirt and blouse. I freshened up in the bathroom and flipped on the radio. A top forty station played a pop song with a driving beat. I reclined on the leather sofa and skimmed through a magazine.

About thirty minutes later, a knock roused me. I'd dozed off. Wiping my eyes and checking my breath, I hurried to the door. His familiar silhouette darkened the frosted glass.

"Hey, you," I said, sweeping open the door.

"Oh my. That's some way to greet a man." His eyes roamed over my scantily clad body.

"Thought I'd cut to the chase for you."

He laughed and gathered me in his arms. His generous mouth engulfed mine and I melted against his solid form. We'd played our little game long enough.

"I missed you, Xavier," I murmured as our lips parted. "God, it's been years. Why didn't you let me know you're in town?"

He bristled and edged away a little. A sigh filled the space between us. "Listen, Ruby, there's something I need to tell you."

But he didn't get the chance to go on. A crash and darkness. A dark figure ran through the hall, jostling us. Xavier let out a strange hiss and crumbled in my arms. Though he had a good seventy pounds on me, I did my best to ease him to the floor without dropping him.

"Xavi? What happened?" I blinked, desparate for my eyes to adjust to the blackness. My first instinct told me to run after the attacker, but I didn't know the extent of Xavier's injuries and I was in my skivvies. Pursuit would have to wait.

I pulled Xavi from the hall into my office and closed the door. I flipped on the overhead light and saw a blackish ooze seeping through a hand he had clamped to his abdomen. I pulled open his coat and stripped off his shoulder holster. He was packing--that explained the heavy jacket. Using a pair of scissors from my desk, I cut open his shirt and wrangled the fabric from beneath him. The shirt was the only thing close to a dressing I had so I balled it up and pressed it against the wound. The gash was dangerously close to his left lung. Searching blindly with my free hand, I reached for my jacket which contained my cell phone.

But then white light filled the room and I reeled backward, allowing the shirt I'd been using to staunch the blood to fall to the floor. I pair of blinding silver wings --yes, wings--spread out behind his back.

"What the fuck...?" I gasped.

"Ruby," he said and reached for me. "Don't be afraid."

As I watched in disbelief, his injury sealed up all on its own...and then vanished.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Triple Trouble, Part I, by Kristin Manter

At the ninth chime of the steeple bells, three doors shut simultaneously.

Game On.

Kaya, Kaydence, and Krystal emerged from their neighboring town-homes and descended the steps to meet on the sidewalk in front of their adjoining units. Each dressed comfortably in black shorts and tanks and each donning a backpack with a water bottle tucked conveniently within reach. Kaydence took Kaya's hand in hers and Kaya tightly held Krystal's; their steps made no sound as they hurried d own the quiet tree lined street.

The summer sun crept quietly behind the harsh landscape of the city's jagged skyline. It's warm hues of orange and pink, now just an eerie purple. The normally subtle breeze put off by the ocean's incoming tides had changed to angry gusts and thunder bellowed in the distance announcing the incoming storm. The girls' pace quickened, their grasps on each other tightened with each flash of lightning. Only when they turned the corner and began down the gravel alley toward the Erosity Cemetery did they release hands , slowed their pace, and began gauging their surroundings. Making sure that they had not been followed on foot, they continued through the aged, ivy covered, stone archway and entered the graveyard.

The rain began. Cool, light sprinkles at first turning to a solid wet curtain within minutes. The girls continued toward the mausoleum at the graveyard's center. Only there would they be able to find solace from the downpour, a temporary reprieve, long enough to catch their breath and finally discuss their strategy. Just as they had found it, and left it, each time previously, the door to the crypt was secured with a simple padlock. Krystal reached for the hairpin tucked just underneath her raven black ponytail, inserted it into the tiny keyhole and agitated the lock open. She pulled the heavy rot iron door open, and because of their earlier preparation, it made no sound ensuring their entry remain unnoticed. Kaya first, followed by Kaydence, with Krystal closing the door behind them just after surveying the graveyard one last time to ensure their solitude.

The tomb was large and elaborate. Big enough to hold the coffins of six adults as well as cement benches to the side of each coffin to accommodate visitors. The only light in the room came from the skylight high in the domed ceiling. Kaya, Krystal, and Kaydence dropped their sopping backpacks onto the benches of each of the three center most coffins, took a seat and removed their shoes and began ringing out their socks.

“It's perfect, absolutely perfect,” commented Kaydence excitement beaming from her fair, youthful face as she continued to twist the water from her socks. After she placed them on the bench, she reached in her backpack and extracted several small candles and matches. She lit each of them and staggered them at various places along the floor. The light from the flames danced off her porcelain skin, illuminating her sensual curves and feminine softness as she did so.

“With any luck, the rain will keep them at bay just long enough for us to dry out and discuss each of our roles throughout the upcoming events.” Kaya lay her socks beside each other and peeled her tank over her head, balled it up and squeezed the water from it before using it to pat away the beads of moisture that had accumulated between her petite breasts and over her firm abdomen. She turned to her backpack and removed her water bottle, drinking half it's contents in a single gulp before recapping it and returning it to it's side pouch.

“Although the goddess of rain is our ally, we can not rely on her to assist us anymore than she is capable. We are at no advantage this night and we must expect them to hold nothing back.” Krystal's ice blue eyes met Kaydence's optimistic gaze, delivering a sobering blow. She stepped from her saturated shorts and placed them over the edge of the bench to drip for a moment as she pulled from her backpack three tightly rolled hand towels. She tossed one to Kaya and Kaydence and they continued to dry themselves. Krystal turned away from the others as she toweled off, her slim figure boasted neither the athletic tautness of Kaya's, nor the hourglass sensuality of Kaydence, and created within her feelings of self consciousness despite the constant reassurance of her two closest friends.

Once dry, the girls left their clothing on the benches to continue to air and gathered around the map of the cemetery that Krystal unfolded and sprawled on the cold stone floor.

“Last time, they came at us from the east, we were unprepared for that as we didn't expect them to attack from ocean side. We wont make that mistake this time, Kaydence, we need you east facing at all times, call out to the sea father, only if necessary, ” Kaydence nodded in agreement to Krystal and Krystal continued, “Kaya, if your research proves accurate, we will need you facing North. You will have to summon the assistance of the wind during the fight, it will decrease their effectiveness should they decide to attempt to go airborne. I will...” Krystal's words trailed off as the candles extinguished and a wintery chill blanketed the vault.

“Well, well, well, this is even better than we could have hoped for. Not only are the three most beautiful witches in Erosity before us, but already dripping wet. Gentlemen, this may turn out easier than we expected and more fun than we dreamed.” A velvety smooth voice with a heavy Spanish accent emanated from a tall cloaked figure appeared without warning, filling the doorway with his muscular frame. His smile was haunting yet beautiful, his eyes an ever shifting shade of blue, just as the ocean's moods, and skin as white snow. His elongated canines revealed his lust for the women before him. Although he was clearly demon, he presented before them in his human form. His silvery white hair, long and tied at the nape of his neck. Behind him stood two more men with similar features and build. Their laughs echoed through the chamber, causing goosebumps to prickle the skin of each of the girls.

“Like hell, we will make this fun for you.” Kaya spat as she threw her hands in front of her and softly chanted. Fog began to fill the room, “Ladies, fight!”

Each of the girls made their way for the door, knowing that the water demons would be distracted by the rain, taking the challenge outside would be in their best interest. Making their way past the wall of hard male bodies would prove to be their first obstacle. Kaydence pressed her body against Nicor's, her breasts rounded by the pressure. She brought a hand to his face and caressed his skin softly, while hooking her right leg around his left and pushing her core against his thigh, “Must we really play this way, Nicor? When will you concede that the mausoleum is rightfully ours to use?” She purred, her tongue escaping past her full lips to moisten them ever so slightly, and tightened the grip her leg had on his thigh in an effort to use his own arousal to his disadvantage. Kaya and Krystal appeared through the fog and wrapped themselves on either side of the demon, Kaya took his ear between her teeth and nibbled ever so softly as Krystal ran her hands along his solid chest, down his firm stomach and over his hard cock. She wrapped her hand around it and began to work is slowly.

“As much as I enjoy your company, ladies, I am afraid business comes before pleasure.” With that his thigh lifted Kaydence to his lips, kissed her deeply, ravishing her mouth with his tongue, “We WILL finish this later, love” He whispered in her ear before letting out a primal growl throwing the temptresses from his body and back into the foggy chamber. Nicor stepped into the dark room, followed by Focalor and Leonard; at the same time each of the girls rose to their feet and darted for their backpacks. Each witch was more than adept with hand magic, but the only chance they had in defeating demons of this strength and status would be with the assistance of their wands.

“Their bags, guard their bags,” Focalor shouted, though barely able to see through the fog the demons were together in the center of the vault each holding a backpack high in the air, taunting their opponents with them and laughing devilishly like bullies on a school yard. Refusing to be the passive victims, the witches summoned their elements. Standing side by side, feet firmly grounded to the earth the witches took each others hands and in unison chanted.

Elementum , nos evoke thee. Unda , Ventus , quod Terra nos invite thee. Fluo vestri bona super nos ut nos may exsequor nostrum pius. Nos postulo vestri succurro ut nos pugna elementum malum pro nos , ut nos pugna pro quis nos animadverto ut vox .

“If you witches were half as wise as you are beautiful, you would know that you stand little chance against us, even with the help of your elements.” Focalor scoffed at the witches as they chanted, obviously amused by their attempts to harness the powers of wind, air, and water. While in his human form, he was tall and muscular, much like Nicor, and like his water demon brother, his long silver hair glistened in the moonlight beaming in through the skylight and his cool blue eyes were filled with lust and determination. Unlike Nicor, his human skin was the color of rich caramel rather than the pale ivory his counterparts wore.

“Why are we even entertaining these mortals? They are nothing more than toys to be played with and tossed aside. I have grown weary of their games.” Centuries ago, Leonard's powers alone would be sufficient a thousand times over in the battle against the sorcery of those he now faced, but because of his choice to co-habitate on earth as well as the demon realm, the demon council saw this as a sign of weakness of the flesh and stripped him of his rank and with it, most of his power. His ego remained fully intact.

“Silence! An alliance with these beauties would prove to be beneficial, in more ways than the physical, gentlemen. Do not underestimate their magic, they summon the same elements as we, and these little lovelies are not entirely pure, they can be wooed to the darkness and so we will play.” Nicor walked behind the witches close enough that his body slightly brushed their bare skin causing their skin to react and faces to flush despite the fact they remained entranced in their now separate pleads to their particular elemental, eyes closed, and seemingly unaware of the demon's conversation. “He stopped at Kaydence, placed his body firmly against her backside and leaned in closely. He drank in her scent before placing a soft kiss at the base of her neck. He continued, “The Liliam have summoned the witches here for a reason, my brothers, they have felt the call and are yet too ignorant to see their purpose. It is our duty to show them that they have been summoned to join us in raising the legions and reclaiming our ranks.” Nicor's words became loud as he fought to be heard over the witches crescendoing incantations.

The demons clutched the backpacks tighter in their grasps as wind spiraled around them with the force of a hurricane. Still chanting, the witches remained motionless. Leonard simply raised his hand, causing the room to calm. “Enough!” He roared but as he did so the ground trembled under their feet causing the demons to stumble and release the backpacks of the witches. The vault grew completely dark, the moon that had illuminated the chamber was now concealed by threatening gray clouds. As the witches lifted their voices to the sky, the earth continued to quake, the wind again began rotating, and hail began to shower upon the mausoleum, pounding at the skylight as if demanding entry. The elements had arrived, answering the pleas of the witches who summoned them. Nicor and Focalor raised their hands above their hands and the relentless beating of the hail on the glass above them dwindled to the gentle pattering of a steady rain. “Give up, witches, we can command the very same auras you have conjured here. Join us, imagine the power you can yield with us as your allies. Stop your futile attempts at dismissing us from this place. Become one with us and together we will rule more than water, earth, or air.” Nicor's voice remained steady as he spoke, each word as delicious as chocolate to Kaydence as she absorbed every word. She was enchanted by him, her heart reached for him, and her breath stilled in her lungs at the thought of remaining by his side for eternity, ruling as his partner. Her mind betrayed her deepest desires and commanded control of her voice, “We will never join you. You are nothing but leaches, draining the life from humanity and causing pain to all you encounter. Go back to hell where you belong or we shall send you there ourselves!”

Kaya brought her hands above her head slowly, she dropped them steadily to shoulder level and pressed her palms together as if praying. “Ventus , expello malum ones hinc!” she exclaimed as her palms turned out and pushed against the air in front of her. Obedient and trustworthy, the wind brought the demons from where they stood and thrust them through the door with such strength that a mortal would have surely been killed by the g-force alone. The witches ran from the vault and found the demons standing only feet from them, sheets of rain continued to pour from the open sky and a smile graced Focalor's face. “Did you expect to kill us with your little breeze? When will you ever learn?” He gave the most subtle flick of his finger, the rain stopped, the wind ceased, and the ground steadied. Within the blink of an eye the three demons disappeared.

“Where did they go?” Kaya asked as she bent at the waist, placed her hands on her knees and panted as if she had just run a marathon.

“Damn it! We let them get away a-fuckin-gain! How do they always know when we have entered the Mausoleum? It just doesn't make any sense. We will never be able to defeat them and banish them from Erosity if we do not obtain the help and allegiance of the Lilium before they do.” Krystal smoother her hands over the top of her hair and locked her fingers together at the base of her neck in aggravation.

Kaydence said nothing as she walked by the pair and headed towards the cliff at the edge of the cemetery. She looked down at the waves crashing harshly against the rocks at the base, closed her eyes, took in deep breath of the salty ocean air and spoke, “Maybe we are going about this all wrong, maybe we should join them.”

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The Beginning....


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