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There are places in this world where the otherworldly inhabitants are more abundant than others.

Erosity is one of them.

Welcome to a city, where sensuality meets the dark side of the paranormal, allowing the reader to slip into the world of vampires, witches, shifters, angels and demons. Leave your realm, and enter the underbelly of the farthest reaches of society; where not seen, heard or remembered takes on a whole new meaning.

See their real adventures, wherever they may take them.

Tales of Erosity will vary in heat ratings; anywhere from sweet to erotic, but will be given a rating with each posting. Follow the Tales of Erosity, to keep up on the latest drama or sexcapades that the otherworldly beings pursue.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Triple Trouble, Chapter Two (rated PG-13)

The wind howled just outside the damp cavern. The the quartz that had formed inside the mossy damp walls sparkled as the moonlight danced off of them. Waves crashed against the jagged rocks just feet from the entrance of the cave and the occasional spray of ocean water dampened the demons as they spoke.

“Damn the witches!” Leonard spoke as he twisted into his hideous demon form.

“Straight to Hell.” Nicor smiled, thoughts of the voluptuous Kaydence obviously passing through his mind and straight to his groin. He remained in his human form, more comfortable in the soft flesh than the tiny scales he was born in.

“We've no time to entertain your desires to play with the mortal, Nicor. Samhain is nine days away, the Queen will be throned, and we must have the gates all open.” Focolar remained focused on the mist coming into the cove. “If we do not convince the witches to lend us their talents in time, we risk failing to raise the Lilium.”

In an instant, Nicor appeared in front of Focolar, inches from his face, “Do not talk to me as if I am your inferior, brother, you may question my methods but I assure you, the water witch will be the key.”

“No, you mean she is the hole you want to stick your key into,” Leonard chuckled in the background, “I see nothing special about her. So she can control water just as the both of you, she is still only a mortal witch, her powers are nothing but elementary tricks.”

“You are wrong on many levels, Leo. There is more to her than even we know. The fates showed her alongside the Lilium, neither she nor her sisters are bowing in the vision, there is something about her that the fates realize and we do not.” Nicor shifted his eyes to the back of the cave where Leonard crouched, blanketed in the darkness of the hollow.

“No, there is more to the vision that the fates know and we do not. Do not misread their gift, Nicor. You are being ignorant and near sighted, seeing what you want to see. Allowing your attraction to the woman to direct you. It's actions like yours that have lead us to this quest to begin with, or do you not remember our damnation?” Focalor's voice was low and stern. Pent up bitterness seeping from his words as puss from an infected wound.

“T'was not my transgression that closed the portals, you would be wise to watch your tone. Brother or not, I can certainly lead you to your end.” The tension in the cavern was palpable, both Nicor and Focalor's chests raised in anger and their fists were clenched tightly at their sides. Neither man shrunk in the shadow of the other.

Leonard spoke, his voice piercing the shroud of hatred hanging in the air. “I will not choose sides as we each were chosen by the High One for this mission. Together we will work or united we will fail. We each have our titles and legions to reclaim should we succeed. Then your feud can resume. For now, Nicor, you have two days to claim your witch, prove her importance, and only then will we join you in seducing her to the dark.”
“And what if he fails? AGAIN?” Focalor hissed through gritted teeth.

“Then we kill the witches, all three, to keep them from interfering any further in raising the Lilium and opening the portals.” Nicor dropped his gaze from the other demons as he spoke, his toned softened.

“Can we agree?” Leonard's eyes shifted between the brothers.


The noise of the bar was a welcome reprieve from the thoughts that had been swirling in Kaydence's mind since leaving the cemetery. Her head was heavy in her hands as she buried her face in her palms. The three vodka tonics she had downed in the short half hour since she, Kaya and Krystal arrived had done nothing to soothe the ache she felt in her heart since Nicor vanished.

“Krystal stepped outside with Liwet, she wanted me to tell you to be at her place at noon tomorrow and not a minute later.” Kaya took the stool beside Kaydence running her fingers through the length of her golden hair, magically drying it with each pass. She twisted the long tresses into a sloppy bun and secured it with the hair tie wrapped around her wrist. she reached over to her friend and placed her forefinger and thumb just under Kaydence's chin lifting her face so their eyes locked. “Its not like you to be so solemn, what has pulled you inside out?”

“We don't even know what we are fighting for, Kay. That is what bothers me the most.” Her voice lowered as she noticed side-way glances from the bar patrons at each side of them. “All the fates eye revealed was the mausoleum, the Lilium raised and us at their side. How do we know that that Nicor, Focalor, and Leanoard are not going to be instrumental in our future?”

“They are demons, Kay, you know they are up to no good. Listen, I'm not saying we are angels, but they are up to something and you can bet its evil. Something just isn't right lately, I can feel it everywhere I go. The wind moans as she brushes through Erosity, she feels it too. You can't trust them.”

“Not all demons are bad, Kaya. How many have we met here that are good? I just don't think we should discount them as part of our fate, that's all. Maybe that's why we keep feeling interrupted. Its not they who are getting in the way of our plans, it is we who are getting in the way of the Fate's plan.” Kaydence moved a finger just above the short glass sitting in front of her, swirling the liquid inside. Kaya's phone rang and Kaydence returned her eyes to the drink in front of her and lost her gaze in the whirlpool of vodka tonic she created. Kaya's voice echoed in Kaydence's ears, worried questions projected to the phone but Kaydence's stare never left her beverage.

“No...but...are you sure? I don't think it's a good idea...We should come too...No, I don't like the idea at all...Fine...Be safe, call us if you need us...Be careful. Love you” Kaya pressed the red button on the screen of her phone, looked straight ahead of her as if in shock. “Krystal is going to hell.”

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