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There are places in this world where the otherworldly inhabitants are more abundant than others.

Erosity is one of them.

Welcome to a city, where sensuality meets the dark side of the paranormal, allowing the reader to slip into the world of vampires, witches, shifters, angels and demons. Leave your realm, and enter the underbelly of the farthest reaches of society; where not seen, heard or remembered takes on a whole new meaning.

See their real adventures, wherever they may take them.

Tales of Erosity will vary in heat ratings; anywhere from sweet to erotic, but will be given a rating with each posting. Follow the Tales of Erosity, to keep up on the latest drama or sexcapades that the otherworldly beings pursue.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fallen Angel--Installment Three--Original Sin (X-rated, sexual content)

He pushed himself inside me and I drew a sharp breath. My hands roamed over his bare back and I crushed my breasts against his upper torso. I couldn't get enough of him.

The night had gone by in a blur. How had we lost control? The horror at the motel and the subsequent explosion...no. I jerked myself to the present. The gorgeous man between my legs, filling me. And his scent filled my nostrils, like a hot ocean breeze or the warm smell of passing a bakery on the city street. His skin, with its fine sheen of persperation, seared mine as his sculpted body bore down on mine. Everything about him spoke of heat, even the bourbon on his breath.

"Xavier," I murmured against his full lips.

"Yeah, babe? You feel okay?" His voice trembled.

"Oh yeah."

One massive hand snaked beneath my neck and his mouth brushed against mine. I felt like he was holding back and I didn't want him to. Flipping him onto his back, I straddled him without breaking the free of the kiss. My tongue plunged into his mouth and I sucked at his bottom lip. A low growl rumbled in his throat.

As the kiss ended, I sat back, taking all of his shaft inside me. I planted my hands on his broad chest and used them as leverage. His pelvis pressed upward to meet my thrusting. His thumb toyed with my clit as I rode him. Again, I called out his name, but this time he responded only by capturing one breast in his mouth. Pleasurable tension built in my abdomen and my fingernails dug into his skin. He didn't complain.

Sweat dripped from my hairline, down my back. I was tired, but I wouldn't stop, no matter how badly my legs burned from the effort. He had me too close to coming to let it slip away. I tightened my grip on him with my thighs. My breathing picked up speed and the tension inside me grew unbearable. A few more swipes with his thumb and I cried out--just nonsense really--as a powerful orgasm shook me. My body froze, wracked with tremors. I breathed through the height of the climax and slid slowly down the other side.

Exhausted, I collapsed against him, but he wasn't finished yet. With the same delicate touch he'd used earlier, he rolled me beneath him, his body flush against mine. His tongue ran over my neck and he nibbled at my throat. Capturing my mouth, he moved within me again. I closed my eyes and spread my legs wider to take in more of his shaft. His movements grew less fluid and he thrust with more and more force. Suddenly, he buried himself inside me. He groaned and arched his back, eyes turned toward the ceiling. Rapid-fire gasps for air shook his chest. I wrapped my arms around him.

His head came to rest in the crook of my neck. I ran my fingers through his damp curls. In the distance, sirens continued to wail. The world could come to an end for all I cared at the moment. Neither of us spoke a word.

We didn't have to.

We both knew what this was--a moment born of the need to connect with another--even if his tenderness made it feel like it meant more.

1 comment:

Kristin said...

D.A.M.N. girl! That was hot, I think I need to grab a glass of water and a cigarette (and I am not even a smoker, LOL!)

Great work, really. This is one of my favorite parts of Erosity.